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Thank you for contacting our library regarding our materials on glass blocks/bricks.  It is not possible to download items from our online catalog, although occasionally some of our materials have been digitized.  Most of our items for this topic will not have been digitized/cannot be viewed through our online catalog, because the product was first made later than the date we generally observe for out of copyright, which, this year, is 1923. I am going to attach three bibliographies on glass blocks to my reply.

Our library participates in interlibrary loan, and for our trade catalogs, we would be willing to loan to your library microfiche of catalogs that are on microfiche.  (But many in your list have not been microfiched) Periodical articles can be scanned as well, although a reasonable number - not all of them!  I have not reviewed the bibliographies I am sending to you, but perhaps you will find a few items that will assist you in your research.