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Thank you for your inquiry.

The Museum is glad to hear that so many people are interested in knowing more about their Pyrex! To aid you in your research, please see the Museum’s center for all things Pyrex: the “Pyrex Potluck” web site (  For information on patterns and other research questions, search the Pyrex Potluck Pattern Library, see the Pyrex FAQs and linked websites, consult the Ask a Librarian database for Pyrex questions that have already been answered, and visit the Research Room.  We don't have all the answers, so please share your knowledge by making comments!

Questions and comments about the history of Pyrex may be directed to our Ask a Librarian service (, click on Ask a Librarian).

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  1. The earliest opaque Pyrex Corning produced was during WWII for use as military messware. The initial mugs, however, did not have handles, so your piece may have been one produced after that initial design. You can see a picture and a discussion of these early opaque pieces on several websites including
    and and the Museum's Pyrex Potluck website:, plus others linked from the Pyrex Potluck website.

    Regan Brumagen
    Rakow Research Library
    by Regan Brumagen on Dec 09, 2015.