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Thank you for the question! Some other women who have worked at Kosta Boda as Glass artists/designers are: Anna Ehrner, Monica Backström, Anne Wahlstrom, Ulrica Hydman-Vallien, and Lisa Bauer. I know that your focus is Swedish women in glassmaking, but considering your interest in the Studio Glass Movement you might want to look into Bertil Vallien a bit--just a suggestion.

You may want ot take a brief look at some of these general links below:

Anna Ehrener profile Kosta Boda

Monica Backstorm resume/curriculum vitae

I have scanned and attached the resources below either whole or the sections that pertain to Asa Jungenlius or other women Glassblowers from Sweden. I have also attached three compiled lists if resources : Studio glass movements history, contemporary Swedish glass and Swedish glass industry 20th century.

I have also scanned some pages on firms and artists from Scandinavian Glass 1930-2000 Smoke & Ice by Lorenzo and Leslie Pina

New artists at Kosta Boda : Åsa Jungnelius

Aurora : kuzey ülkelerinden çağdaş cam sanatı = Aurora : contemporary nordic glass art

And also attached is:

Fire & sea : Scandinavian glass, 1930-2000

Please look through the compiled lists and see if any of the materials look useful (there should be a number that look useful). You have an in depth subject so it might be best that you borrow some books through interlibrary loan by requesting them at your local library. Videos/periodicals and rare books cannot be loaned ; however most non rare books and microform// microfilm can.

For further questions on interlibrary loan please contact the email below:

Also I am sure you have heard of Anne Wolff also sometimes known as Anne Wharff who worked for Kosta Boda, although she was German and not Swedish her work is very well known so there is a lot of information on her.