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Thanks for contacting the Rakow Library with your question about John J. Kinsella mirrors.

There is information on the John J. Kinsella Co. in Chicago, IL. and they did make and sell mirrors, but I can only find substantial information about their stained glass products.

John J. Kinsella was in existence from 1872-1931 and was one of the larger firms producing stained glass and mirrors in Chicago at the time, employing some 50 people, according to the publication, Frueh's Chicago Stained Glass.

I was not able to locate much information about the Evansville IN location except for listings in the City Directory from Evansville for 1927 and 1930. That information is attached and it does validate the company operation there as a mirror manufacturer. I checked 1924 and a few dates later than 1931 and did not find any listings. If you want further information the Historical Society or public library in Evansville could possibly help you.

Kinsella died in 1915, but his company stayed in business for another 15 or so years. Don’t really find the names of people who might have led the company during those years. The Evansville manager is named in each listing.

Below is a link to John J. Kinsella’s obituary.

I hope this is helpful. Please let me know if you have further questions.

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