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Thank you for the question.  There have been some glass replicas of the Vase (and the disc of course). The first replicas were by the Bohemian engraver, Franz Paul Zach(1818-1881), Zach produced two versions of the vase, each colorless with an engraved blue overlay. One of the them was featured at the London exhibition in 1862.

Phillip Parageter and John Northwood also made replicas of the vase in response to a revival request by Benjamin Richardson. Joseph Locke made a copy of the vase as well. The Corning museum has it although it is not on display.

I have made a copy of the base disc by Locke and on the replica by Northwood for you to view in the last attachment. from the Journal of Glass studies # 32


It does not seem that the disc on the Portland vase is believed to be the original. That is, the disc is not thought to be the vases original base. For one reason the colors do not match as the background of the disc is a much paler blue. Although, the disc is likely from around the Augustan period or not much later it does not appear to be the same art style as the rest of the vase. The disc has also been cut down from a larger composition.

In its present state the disc has been pieced together from three fragments.

I have scanned the details of this information and will email it separately.

There is weathering on the bottom of the vase and on the upper surface groove for the disc, which suggests that the vase lost its base in ancient times and that the disc was inserted to replace it.

I know that the entire vase with the disc (I assume) was restored although there are not exact details on disc during this process. It just mentions that there were 200 pieces-- the disc must have been some of them.

The vase was shattered in February 1845 and restored by September 1845 and ready to be put upon exhibition

In 1945, 37 pieces of the base that were not incorporated in its previous restoration were re added, and, as the glue and adhesive was in need of restoration another complete taking apart and reconstruction of the vase was partaken.

I do not know the specifics of the Base disc in this process or the previous I have scanned and attached where I read this as well.

I do not find that the Vase disc has ever been recreated completely or separately from the reconstruction anywhere. Aside from being replaced in ancient times and in the replicas I mentioned above.

It is a cameo glass disc 4 3/4 in Diameter. I am sure that you could recreate. The base is from a cast cameo glass plaque  and shows Paris in the act of choosing the most beautiful of three goddesses, Hera, Athena and Aphrodite.


The text breaking and remaking of the Portland vase by Nigel Williams has an excellent picture.

The other scan of the text The Portland Vase by D.E L Haynes has a good description.

I have also attached some lists of resources on the Portland Vase in case you have interest you can request an interlibrary loan at your local library.




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