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Thanks for your question! I asked a member of our Whitefriars project team if we have any cartoons for the windows you're interested in. Here was her reply:

"We don’t have any specifically for Piddinghoe. However, we do have 30 rolls from various churches in Sussex. And we do have a St. John Mead’s in Eastborne (Sussex) which in my estimation is very close to Piddinghoe (about 20 minutes I think). A simple search for Sussex and Whitefriars will turn up this list of 30, but I’m afraid that for most of them the church is either unknown or not what they’re looking for. But maybe it wouldn’t hurt to let them know about the Eastborne one, just to be sure (though it doesn’t have very much info, I’m afraid)."

The roll she mentioned for St. John Mead's has not yet been treated by our conservators, so unfortunately I can't send you any photos of what the cartoons look like. Unfortunately most of our cartoons do not come with any information on designers (like signatures or designer's marks).

If you haven't already, I might suggest contacting the Victoria & Albert Museum and the Museum of London, both of which hold Whitefriars materials in their archives.

If you do find out any more information about the windows and who designed them, we'd love to know! As we are conserving and digitizing the cartoons, we are also collecting information about them and the existing windows. At some point we plan on creating a website where people can crowdsource information about Whitefriars installations around the world.

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