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Figure 3: Sorting and carrying cullet, in: Denis Diderot. [Recueil des planches sur
les sciences, les arts libéraux, et les arts mechaniques :avec leur explication]     
v. 10, plate 16. Paris : Briasson, 1772.                              

Much of our information about women working in the glass making business comes from the industrial revolution and forward.I have attached our bibliography for "women and children in the glass industry." Additionally, we have an article written by Research Librarian Gail Bardhan from 2010 on "Breaking the Glass Ceiling: Women Working with Glass."  Lucartha Kohler's book, Women Working in Glass, from 2003 is another great reference for biographies of female artists from the 1960's to 1990's. The videos in our list are all too late for your time range, but I included the list for your information.

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