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Trick Glass Image
Such vessels were intended to be an amusement for drinking games Image: Trick Glass, 79.3.280, Corning Museum of Glass

Trick and puzzle glasses were designed with the intent of deceiving the person drinking from them and making the consumption of their contents a challenge or even a practical joke. These mischievous cups have an aspect to them that makes their usage difficult such as hidden holes or rounded bottoms.

Amusing examples of glassblowing, trick glass...were designed to be as difficult as possible to drink from without spilling the alcoholic beverage within. The goal of this exercise was to amuse the onlookers at the expense of the drinker." - Catharine Hess and Timothy Husband

In drinking competitions, any drinker who spilled wine was required to start again with a full glass. Attached are some lists of resources for you that should help you in your quest for knowledge of trick goblets.


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